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    Portfolio Builders is a team of experienced real estate investment professionals who work tirelessly to achieve each client’s property goals. With the goal of a strong and stable cash flow, Portfolio Builders focuses on real estate investing through the creation of property portfolios in both the single-family and multi-family apartment space. The purpose behind the Portfolio Builders brand is to allow our partners to benefit from the creation of wealth through owning strong real estate portfolios.

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    We go above and beyond to meet each client’s needs through acquiring, renovating, managing and prospering on their behalf. Portfolio Builders will bring you profitable real estate projects managed by experienced asset managers. Portfolio Builders is headed by managing member Gideon Pfeffer, who has earned a high level of acclaim for his work in real estate for over 10 years.
    Mr. Pfeffer has strategic relationships with best-in-class operators throughout the United States and continues to strategically acquire and redevelop distressed residential assets from the foreclosure crisis of 2008. Our organization has specialized in strategic residential rental acquisitions, land development and the construction and redevelopment of residential real estate in single-family homes and multi-family apartments in Michigan and Florida. Detroit and its metropolitan surroundings have become one of the top ten places to reside in and visit . Detroit is a great city to invest in due to the high rise in the real estate market.

    Detroit also brings many investing opportunities and this is where Portfolio Builders becomes a great asset in the market.
    Portfolio Builders meet the needs of Individual buyers, fund buyers and international buyers, achieving their portfolio goals in a synchronized manner. Portfolio Builders has purchased, renovated and stabilized over 600 single-family homes in the city of Detroit. These homes were sold primarily as “Turnkey” cash-flow properties, directly to various clients.
    Portfolio Builders has invested in the city of Detroit’s quarterly auction and has invested in over 1,500 properties (600 alone in the last two years) to contribute into programs like build-to-rent and neighborhood stabilization. Portfolio Builders is also dedicated to apartment acquisitions, apartment stabilization and large-scale acquisitions. The company will continue to help stabilize Detroit, direct investors with profitable portfolios and help Detroit grow in the real estate market

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