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    Portfolio Builders focuses on real estate investing through the creation of property portfolios in both the single family and multi-family apartment space. A balance between strong and stable cash flow is the goal. The purpose behind the Portfolio Builders brand is to allow our partners to benefit from the creation of wealth through owning strong real estate portfolios.

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    An experienced team to understand individual needs and to maximize the efficiency and value of each acquisition. An industry leader in high volume acquisitions and the resources to ensure quality over quantity.



    Project Managers with the knowledge to facilitate and project or scope of work. True “boots on the ground” resources and partnerships with best in class construction professionals to oversee and manage all construction projects. Truly your “eyes on the ground”.



    Relationships with best in class property management firms in all markets served. Asset management of all properties long term as applicable for each individual client’s needs.



    We are in business for you. A successful project is one where all parties accomplish their goals and prosper. We at Portfolio Builders live to ensure this is the outcome of every acquisition and every project we participate in.

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    Whats makes us different?

    We at Portfolio Builders know that every partner is different. We assist individual clients who own only a few homes to the very largest private and public Capital Funds in the country. It is our primary goal to establish a close relationship with each client, to understand their specific goals regarding building a property portfolio, and to implement the strategy with ease and transparency.

    Years of experience

    Property units completed

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    Gideon Pfeffer

    Gideon Pfeffer’s success in the financial industry began in New York City at UBS after graduating from Syracuse University. Opportunity brought Gideon to Michigan where he created the Premium Mortgage Group in 2003. Under Gideon’s leadership, Premium originated over $200mm in residential mortgages and was a substantial player in the financing of Detroit’s development wave from 2003-2007.

    Cherita Stevenson

    Cherita Stevenson is the Executive Administrator for J & G Real Estate Partners, LLC. Cherita has served more than 5 years in management, home preservation and real estate support positions supporting several corporate facilities. Specifically, she has managed and led projects preserving single family homes to meet HUD, FNMA, VA and FHLMC Guidelines.

    George Harabedian

    George Harabedian is an Acquisition Project Manager for Portfolio Builders. He handles acquisitions as well as coordination with construction partners for various projects and deals. George brings almost a decade of experience in customer service and project management to the Portfolio Builders team.