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    Turnkey investment in Florida

    Turnkey investment in Florida

    Turnkey are properties that are ready for immediate use – you just turn the key in the front door and you are open for business! The components are all under one roof, making for a complete and efficient business process that is the foundation for the turnkey investment system. Turnkey properties are homes with tenants in place that have a true pro-forma based on actual expenses rather than hypothetical projections.

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    Turnkey properties have been a wise choice because one can find great properties at excellent prices, providing hassle-free investments that perform to the pro-forma you received.
    Florida is the fourth-largest state in the United States, with a population just under 20 million. The state has long been a key destination for investors and tourists alike. This opportunity enables investors to purchase foreclosure properties with an instant monthly cash return from day one. This truly is the ultimate armchair investment – enjoy an immediate rental income while benefiting from strong capital growth on your investment.
    In the Florida market, turnkey properties are becoming a more profitable value to many investors.. Average house prices are increasing for single-family homes. The high level of foreclosure activity means that many families and individuals are now looking to the rental market for their homes. Today, turnkey rental properties in Florida are providing positive cash flow for real estate investors.

    The opportunities and availability of turnkey properties in Florida have provided investors from all over the world the opportunity to come and invest.
    Portfolio Builders has been doing deals in the Florida market since 2012. Its experience and relationships with acquisitions of quality properties through local banks, auctions, and local operators has proven very successful over the years.
    Because of recent growth in Florida’s overall economy and appreciation of home prices, the availability of quality Turnkey properties has become sparse. Buyers seeking high-yielding properties are being forced to buy in areas with more challenging management profiles.
    This is why Portfolio Builders has created a “Turnkey Process” to accommodate clients who still wish to buy cash-flowing properties in the Florida market.
    The Turnkey Process allows Portfolio Builder representatives to discuss the specific property wishes for each individual client. The team them sets out to create the portfolio specifically matched with the client’s buying profile. It is concierge service at its best and has proven highly successful for our clients.

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