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    Why invest in Florida
    Why invest in Florida

    Attracted by its large and booming economy, stable business environment and international workforce, new business investments from around the world pour into Florida every year, making it one of the top U.S. destinations for direct investments.
    Florida recently has risen to meet the demand with new properties to accommodate the rapidity of sales.

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    With the increasingly large number of second homes and condos in the state, Florida is prone to boom and bust cycles that stem more from investment hopes than housing needs. Florida is prone to boom and bust cycles that stem more from investment hopes than housing needs. The best time to purchase a home is now in Florida because investments in single-family homes have great potentials in returns.
    Widely deemed one of the most reliable indicators of local real estate market trends, Florida has seen an uninterrupted rise in home prices. As they look, investors will find that real estate prices do vary widely across Florida.
    Florida is the number one holiday destination in the world, and many investors from all parts of the world have invested in Florida properties over the past decades. Investors are attracted to Florida for many reasons: the weather, the lifestyle, diversity of business and, of course, the endless number of activities an entire family can enjoy. Recognizing that foreign nationals invest heavily in Florida each year, the purchasing process and financial assistance available is much greater and simpler than in most other states.
    As one of the most advanced and diverse economies in the United States, Florida has a sophisticated service sector, with trade and tourism being the main forces behind economic growth

    Its economy is the fastest growing among the top states and it has one of the highest rates of business formation in the in the country. Florida has also managed to successfully develop its high-tech industry. Growth has been especially strong in business services, trade, transportation, aerospace, tourism, education, healthcare, construction and real estate.
    From a business standpoint, distressed and bank-owned properties have flooded the market, bringing a wealth of growth opportunities to investors. Florida’s service industry is one of the most attractive in the world.
    So why invest in Florida?
    ● There is no state personal income tax – which has positioned Florida as a shelter state for wealth for both individuals and corporations.
    ● The area’s industry growth is focused on the professional and business services sector, which creates significant gains.
    ● Rental returns on properties in selected areas can yield $20,000 per annum.
    ● Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers and flocking to Florida to invest in second homes, and over 350,000 people net move to Florida every year, making it the fastest growing U.S. state.

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    Why invest in Florida

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