FAQs - Portfolio Builders: Achieving your goals through real estate investments

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    Portfolio Builders focuses on real estate investing through the creation of property portfolios in both the single family and multi-family apartment space. A balance between strong and stable cash flow is the goal. The purpose behind the Portfolio Builders brand is to allow our partners to benefit from the creation of wealth through owning strong real estate portfolios.

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    How do I know if I should work with Portfolio Builders?

    Portfolio Builders assists investors interested in the opportunity to invest in high quality US investment properties, but are confused about where to begin. Identifying the right properties, in the right markets, as well as the right people to do refurbishment work and long term management becomes a hindrance to these investors moving forward and benefitting from the many benefits of owning income property in the UnitedStates.
    These investors are frustrated because they see real estate as an opportunity but do not know where to turn or who to trust. They are sure they could make great returns and be very satisfied with the benefits of this type of an investment but they are scared that they may not choose the right people to deal with.Portfolio Builders provides a solution.

    What ways can I buy a property through Portfolio Builders?

    Turnkey Investment Property Purchase – A property that has been purchased by a company then renovated and leased
    Fee-based Property Facilitation – A real estate professional who assists in identifying properties to purchase, facilitate and oversee the renovation of the purchased property, transitions the property from construction to management.

    Should I buy a Turnkey Property or work on a fee-basis?

    For ease and least effort, Turnkey property purchases are best.

    For those investors more value minded, fee-based work can prove to be more economical in total cost.

    What is the typical client/buyer profile of Portfolio Builders?

    A typical client of Portfolio Builders is an investor who wants to invest in real estate but only on a passivebasis.

    They see the opportunity but do not want to deal with the logistics of the project or long term management of this type ofinvestment.

    They want to open a monthly statement and have one point of contact for questions or concerns as theyarrive.

    They expect high quality assets, strong management, and clear and expedientcommunication.

    What makes Portfolio Builders qualified to facilitate this type of service?

    Portfolio Builders has purchased, refurbished, managed, and/or sold over 2500 residential units in the last seven years. Over 700 of these properties were sold to clients who reside outside of theUS.

    The team has been involved in real estate investment and development for over ten years with over 25 years of combinedexperience.

    Why should I allow Portfolio Builders to facilitate the construction on a property I buy?

    Construction can often be a novice investor’sdownfall.

    The probability of having construction come in on time and on budget is sparse atbest.

    Portfolio Builders works with Best-in-Class general contractors and has project managers on staff to facilitate smooth and timely projects.

    Does Portfolio Builders manage my properties?

    Portfolio Builders is not a property management company but works with Best-in-Class managers who only manage properties.

    PB does provide Asset Management services to its clients in most cases.

    What is the difference between “Asset Management” and “Property Management”?

    A Property Manager manages the day to day operations of each property from tenant screening, to rent collection, property maintenance, evictions, etc.

    An Asset Manager makes high-level decisions and directs a property manager or project manager.