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    Turnkey investment in Detroit

    Turnkey investment in Detroit

    Turnkey properties are properties that are ready for immediate use. Someone has already taken the time to purchase the property and renovate it so the buyer wishing to own it as a cash-flowing property does not have to do any of the hard work. Turnkey properties provide a valuable service for real estate buyers.

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    Many client buyers looking to get into cash-flowing real estate choose a Turnkey property, or a Turnkey process, in order to make the process easier and stress free. Many clients of Portfolio Builders are eager to buy a property but are overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. A Turnkey property or process will allow the client to sit back and collect the cash-flow without having to do any of the “heavy lifting”.
    Turnkey investments have come to play a major role in Detroit’s growing real estate market. This market is ideal for buyers right now. There are dozens of low-priced properties available that can quickly turn into high-yield turnkey Detroit investments. Investors are earning the maximum amount of profit from the beginning of ownership.
    Now is the time to start investing in Detroit real estate. Successful investors are purchasing rental homes in Metropolitan Detroit at competitive prices and securing a monthly cash flow return on their investments. The suburbs of the city are well-established, and the past decade has shown a massive growth in both business and residency in the urban core of downtown Detroit and the surrounding suburbs.

    While the housing market in metropolitan Detroit continues its upswing, the average price-per-unit in our market is considerably lower than other major cities. Turnkey properties in Detroit are becoming a great benefit to both investors and the general population. The metropolitan Detroit market offers double digit net yields and the average returns in investing exceed those of other comparable markets.
    Portfolio Builders has been active in the Michigan market for over 10 years. Both in Detroit and its surrounding suburbs. From buying direct from banking institutions, Fannie Mae, local municipalities, auctions, and the local multi-list systems, its principles have been bought and sold Turnkey properties and created Turnkey processes for its clients on over 1,500 houses in the Detroit market alone.
    There is not a market partner with more experience in this geographic market than that of Portfolio Builders. Come work with the best.

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