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    Florida is considered one of the most reliable indicators of local real estate market trends and home prices there have been on an uninterrupted rise. Investors will find real estate prices vary widely across the state. Portfolio Builders focuses on real estate investing through the creation of property portfolios in both the single-family and multi-family apartment space. A balance between strong and stable cash flow is the goal. The purpose behind the Portfolio Builders brand is to allow our partners to benefit from the creation of wealth through owning strong real estate portfolios.

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    We go above and beyond to meet the needs of every client through acquiring, renovating, managing and prospering on their behalf. Portfolio Builders will bring you profitable real estate projects managed by experienced asset managers. Portfolio Builders is headed by managing member Gideon Pfeffer, who has earned a high level of acclaim for his work in real estate for over 10 years.  Mr. Pfeffer has strategic relationships with best-in-class operators throughout the United States and continues to strategically acquire and redevelop distressed residential assets from the foreclosure crisis of 2008. Our organization specializes in strategic residential rental acquisitions, land development and the construction and redevelopment of residential real estate, primarily through single-family homes and multifamily apartments in Michigan and Florida.

    Portfolio Builders began branching into the Florida market in 2012 with new construction, build-to-rent and acquisition projects. With Florida growing into one of the top real estate markets, Portfolio Builders puts a strong focus on helping all investors build their portfolios in this market.
    Demand for housing is always growing in Florida’s gulf coast area. The Sunshine State’s desirable location and subtropical landscape continue to attract investors, second-home buyers and retirees.
    Investments in real estate and single-family rental properties continue to be an attractive option, with almost half of the number of households in the area being renters. Prices are attractive and inventory is plentiful. Considered the world’s golf capital, champion golf courses are bountiful and close to the beach, guaranteeing sun and fun.

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