GIDEON PFEFFER - Portfolio Builders: Achieving your goals through real estate investments

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    Gideon Pfeffer’s success in the financial industry began in New York City at UBS after graduating from Syracuse University. Opportunity brought Gideon to Michigan where he created the Premium Mortgage Group in 2003. Under Gideon’s leadership, Premium originated over $200mm in residential mortgages and was a substantial player in the financing of Detroit’s development wave from 2003-2007. In 2006, Gideon expanded into real estate development and pursued opportunities to acquire distressed real estate across the country. In those partnerships, Gideon raised more than $100mm of equity which was deployed into distressed development opportunities in the various markets including Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Arizona, and Texas.

    Gideon served as VP of Finance for Red Cedar Residential from 2010-2015. Gideon was primarily responsible for business development, which includes strategic partnership initiatives, financing and debt, and overseeing investment performance. Gideon develops and maintains relationships with all equity, debt, and strategic partners, and also serves as the direct liaison to counsel for the development and enforcement of all contracts.
    Mr. Pfeffer has earned a high level of acclaim for his work in real estate from 2001 to the present day. His industry experience residential multi-family development, luxury residential development and construction, residential mortgage financing and banking, residential sales and brokerage, and more than $500mm of development and sales transactions.

    Mr. Pfeffer has strategic relationships with best in class operators to continue to strategically acquire and redevelop distressed residential assets from the foreclosure crisis of 2008. In addition to focusing on under-developed residential opportunities in high growth metropolitan regions in the Southeast and Midwest US, Mr. Pfeffer also now focuses on building single-family homes within major metropolitan “in town” markets.

    Mr. Pfeffer owns and operates Portfolio Builders which is a related company to J&G Real Estate Partners LLC, a vertically integrated real estate investment company that specializes in strategic real estate acquisitions, land development, and the new construction and redevelopment of single-family homes. Deal sizes range from $1mm to $50mm with a focus on the opportunistic acquisitions of value-add residential developments, infill new construction, single-family rental portfolios, distressed land and lot positions, and turnaround multi-family apartments. Mr. Pfeffer owns and operates a network of licensed real estate brokerages in key markets as well. Agents for Mr. Pfeffer specialize in distressed property sales, auction sales, and new construction marketing.

    All of Gideon’s various strategies are aimed solely to seek out opportunistic investment opportunities while weighing and assessing risk. Gideon seeks to achieve optimal returns for himself and his investors and achieves this goal by being one step ahead of the market.